A Selection Of Our Milkshakes

American Expresso

Get a kick of espresso, oreo & chocolate in this delicious, italian-american delight.

California Dreaming

Scrumptious strawberry and skittles shake topped with strawberry cream and skittles.

Golden Shake Bridge

Caramel shake blended with crunchie pieces & chocolate, topped with whipped cream.

Key Lime Pie´d

Lime curd & ginger biscuits blended in this tantilising shake, topped with cream.

Boston Cream Pie

Gorge on this american classic of sponge cake, custard & chocolate ice cream.

Mississippi Mud Pie

The triple threat. Chocolate brownies, chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Viva Las Vegas

smooth peanut butter, jam and banana blended shake, topped with whipped cream.

The American Dream

Strawberry cheesecake shake with blue vanilla cream, and white chocolate stars.

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